Monday, April 1, 2013

2013 MLB Predictions

  It’s Here! Opening Day begins today. (The Rangers losing to a minor league team on ESPN last night doesn’t count). Here are your 2013 MLB Predictions.


  1. Boston Red Sox
  2. Toronto Blue Jays
  3. Tampa Bay Rays
  4. Baltimore Orioles
  5. New York Yankees

AL Central

  1. Detroit Tigers
  2. Kansas City Royals*
  3. Cleveland Indians
  4. Chicago White Sox
  5. Minnesota Twins

AL West

  1. LA Angels
  2. Texas Rangers
  3. Seattle Mariners
  4. Oakland A’s
  5. Houston Astros

NL East

  1. Washington Nationals
  2. Atlanta Braves
  3. Philadelphia Phillies
  4. New York Mets
  5. Miami Marlins 

NL Central

  1. Cincinnati Reds
  2. Pittsburgh Pirates
  3. St. Louis Cardinals
  4. Milwaukee Brewers
  5. Chicago Cubs 

NL West

  1. LA Dodgers
  2. San Francisco Giants
  3. Arizona Diamondbacks
  4. Colorado Rockies
  5. San Diego Padres

AL Wildcard: Kansas City Royals vs Toronto Blue Jays
NL Wildcard: Atlanta Braves vs San Francisco Giants

ALCS: Angels defeat Tigers
NLCS: Braves defeat Dodgers

World Series: Angels defeat Braves

AL MVP: Dustin Pedroia 
NL MVP: Justin Upton
AL Cy Young: Jered Weaver
NL Cy Young: Stephen Strasburg
AL ROY: Jackie Bradley
NL ROY: Shelby Miller

Teams that will do better than expected: KC, Seattle, Arizona
Teams that will do worse than expected: Baltimore, Cleveland, LA Dodgers

*I might just have Royals-fan blind optimism. But I really like the depth of this team. If the starting pitching can hold up they really could make a deep run.


  1. I didn't think it could get worse than your NFL and March Madness predictions.

    1. I'll have you know, Michigan is still in it.

  2. We can all agree with the sentiment behind the burning Yankees hat, that's for sure. -Adam



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