Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Today in Blogworld 04.02.13

Killer Fillers in Public Speaking

Thom Rainer lists a few of the annoying yet common fillers that public speakers often use. I believe I’ve gotten much better at these.

An Interview with Russell Moore

Justin Taylor interviews Dr. Moore on his new position as the new president of the ERLC and more.

8 Steps to Bringing Pastors Out of Isolation

Pastors are known to isolate from their congregation. Paul Tautges gives us eight steps for pastors and congregations to bring the pastor out of unhelpful isolation.

“Run Away Naked Mark”—The First Streaker

Michael Patton tells us why he is happy that Mark included the naked guy running away. He considers it an incidental point. Honestly, I think it is Mark telling us something about the scattering and complete betrayal of that night. But that’s just me.

John Piper’s Farewell sermon. Here it is:

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