Friday, April 26, 2013

Today in Blogworld 04.26.13

Advise for Raising Godly Children

These are 10 pithy saying from John Witherspoon, a Scottish pastor from the 1700s.

Stuff Christians Say

There was a pretty funny video a month or so back about the silly things that Christians say. This is a thoughtful response from Tim Challies on the importance of true knowledge and good words.

Envy Hunts in a Pack

This is an article that encourages us to “soak in God’s grace, kill the wolf-pack of envy, and don’t forget to scrub behind the toilet.”

Homeschool v. Public School

My wife and I are going to make the decision on Isaiah this weekend. This article was timely. We are very much on the fence. This article was timely.

I’ve been dying to know this information:

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