Friday, May 17, 2013

A Ridiculous News Story

Go read this article and be amazed….but come back!

Man Dead For 40 Minutes Brought Back to Life With New CPR Technique.

You should be amazed by that. People aren’t supposed to come back from the dead after being gone for so long. This is an amazing testament of God’s grace that we could advance in medicine so far that things like this can happen.

Through putting in a non-invasive cardiac support pump doctors are able to move blood throughout the body through manual compressions. It’s quite the ordeal but it is proving to be effective at saving a life even after being dead for 40 minutes.

Now go read John 11.

Lazarus had been in the tomb for four days. Dude was already buried and starting to stink. Then Jesus arrived.

With no medical equipment.

With no CPR.

With no techniques.

Only His voice.

“Lazarus, come out!!!”

And Lazarus walks out wearing grave clothes. I can see the headlines in the next mornings Bethany Gazette: Man Dead For 4 Days Brought Back to Life by Man’s Voice.

Yeah, be amazed! Especially since he promises to do it again someday…and this time worldwide!

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