Friday, May 3, 2013

Today In Blogworld 05.03.13

Treasuring the Gospel in Your Home

This is Lauren Chandler’s foreword to Gloria Furman’s new book.

Churches Cooperating in Discipline

I’m glad someone wrote this. It’s really difficult to actually practice church discipline when all that has to happen is the one under discipline goes to the church down the street like nothing ever happened.

An Open Letter to All Those Who Call Me An Intolerant Bigot

“But see, here’s the thing: the reality is, you probably shouldn’t be calling me a  bigot, you should be calling Jesus a bigot.” –Stephen Altrogge

Why You Shouldn’t Listen to Me

I accidentally skipped over this one. I’m glad that Challies picked up this piece by Thabiti so that I noticed it. Great piece. You shouldn’t listen to him…but maybe on this one you should.

I’ve always wanted to master this. Maybe now I can:

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