Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Today in Blogworld 05.14.13

The Plastic Fruit of Online Living

This is a gold. And a danger that all of us that are online need to be aware of.

Church v. Parachurch

In my opinion parachurch ministries invade spaces that ought to be done by the church. I think they can be helpful (i.e. Desiring God) but I thin they also can replace devotion to the local church. I appreciate this thoughtful article by Dan Phillips.

12 Ways to Prepare Children for Times of Doubt

I know that my children will experience doubt. These are a few helpful points to consider when preparing them for these seasons of doubt.

Is Saving Virginity Until Marriage a Mistake?

This has become quite the interesting conversation…

I’m guessing that you have already seen this…but if not, enjoy:

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