Thursday, March 17, 2011

Five Insane NCAA Predictions

Last year I made five insane NCAA Predictions and they proved to be truly insane…not to mention completely wrong.  So I thought I would make five more silly picks:

  1. Pittsburgh will need overtime to beat Old Dominion in the second round
  2. Utah State will make the sweet 16
  3. BYU makes it to the Final Four as does Arizona
  4. Bucknell upsets UCONN and then Mizzou to make a sweet 16 appearance
  5. Texas loses to Oakland and Wisconsin is upset by Belmont.

I have Kansas playing UNC in the final with Kansas winning it all.  I feel dirty picking that and I hope I am wrong.  Even though it would kill my bracket I would be completely fine with seeing Kansas be the first ever team to lose to a 16 seed. 

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