Monday, March 21, 2011

Take a Bribe, Win a Free Book

I am not above bribing you.  If you vote for me I will enter you in a chance to win a free book:  The Expository Genius of John Calvin or a Pre-Ordered copy of Radical Together.  This book is still in its shrink wrap and it can be yours. 

Two ways to win.  First you can go to SBC Voices and place a vote for Borrowed Light in the Southeast division.  Then simply leave a comment letting me know you voted.  

Second way to win is to subscribe to this blog and then leave a comment letting me know you are a subscriber (and what way you subscribe). 

If you do both I will enter your name in the drawing twice.  Winner will be announced on Friday!  If you win tell me which book you want. 


  1. already am subscribed. can I unsubscribe and then re-subscribe? But I did vote for you, buddy.

  2. ummm.... that was me above, not Beth, though she does read your blog too.

  3. I voted for you! Thanks for your excellent blog.

  4. I voted for you Mike

  5. i also voted and subscribed

  6. Hey Mike, I dropped a vote for you over at SBC voices. Good luck.



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