Thursday, March 10, 2011

Only Jesus is Radical Enough

I am excited that I have gotten an advance reading copy of David Platt’s new book Radical Together.  In the second chapter he says something is a helpful assistant to his previous book Radical:

“…I must tell you something: you will never be radical enough.  No matter what you do, even if you sell all of your possessions and move to the most dangerous country in the world for ministry’s sake, you cannot do enough to be accepted before God.  And the beauty of the gospel is that you don’t have to.  God so love you that, despite your hopeless state of sin, he sent his Son—God in the flesh—to live the life you could not live.  Jesus alone has kept the commands of God.  He alone has been faithful enough, generous enough, and compassionate enough.  Indeed, he alone has been radical enough.”

Only Jesus is Radical Enough.  Great word! 

This book is coming out in April, pre-order it now for under $10

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  1. I look forward to a full review of the book, Mike.



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