Wednesday, March 2, 2011

How to Destroy Your Family

If I could, I would protect my wife, son, daughter, and even myself from every ounce of suffering.  And If I were somehow granted this wish I would destroy every one of us.

Weird isn’t it. 

Suffering is part of the fall.  Suffering will be ultimately redeemed.  Yet, suffering is the path to glory and redemption from the fall.  Without momentary suffering there is only eternal suffering.  Without suffering I will never be healed, never cleansed of sin, never able to partake of eternal life.

God then does what is really hard for a father (if you can speak that way of God).  He allows his children to suffer.  He’d rather have us enjoying the richest treasure for all eternity than settling for an empty substitute. 
I’m glad that God is a better father than I am.  I’m too short-sighted.

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