Wednesday, July 20, 2011

When Lady Wisdom is Mute (Part 3)

Lady Wisdom is mute. 

But Jesus isn’t. 

There in the midst of the wilderness Jesus is present.  We do not eat the rancid fruit of pride alone.  In fact Christ has already taken the sting out of that fruit.  It’s damning effects are no longer present.  This rancid fruit is for our good. 

Christ has transformed the wilderness. 

And here rather than receiving counsel from Lady Wisdom (which is needed and helpful) we are drawn into a relationship with Wisdom Himself.  He “gives generously to all without reproach”.  In Jesus the clouds begin to lift.  We may even have to walk through the wilderness for a little while longer.  But we won’t walk it alone and we are walking in a wilderness that is transformed by grace.  One where we are able to find even the bitter sweet.

This from Newton:

Bitter, indeed, the waters are.
Which in this desert flow;
Though to the eye they promise fair,
They taste of sin and woe.
Of pleasing draughts I once could dream,
But now, awake, l find,
That sin has poisoned every stream,
And left a curse behind.
But there's a wonder-working wood,
I've heard believers say,
Can make these bitter waters good,
And take the curse away.
The virtues of this healing tree
Are known and prized by few;
Reveal this secret, Lord, to me,
That I may prize it too.
The cross on which the Savior died,
And conquered for his saints;
This is the tree, by faith applied,
Which sweetens all complaints.
Thousands have found the blest effect,
Nor longer mourn their lot;
While on his sorrows they reflect,
Their own are all forgot.
When they, by faith, behold the cross,
Though many grief's they meet;
They draw again from every loss,
And find the bitter sweet.

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