Friday, October 10, 2008

Today in Blogworld 10/10

Chapter 3 of Driscoll's book on pornography is now available.

Jared Wilson gives the other side to the Stay at Home Dad discussion. There is also a link there of to part 1, the article I am linking to is actually part 2.

I have had this book on my wishlist forever: Christ's Counsel to His Languishing Church by Obadiah Sedgwick. (This is a side note, but I bet today such a book would be entitled Christ's Counsel to the Languishing Church. What a significant difference). Nathan White provides some great quotes from that book--makes me want it more.

I really need to read this today. Clinton Arnold has an excellent article on Spiritual Dryness and the Head-Heart Disconnect.

Michael McKinley offers advice on pursuing theological development with little time.

Timmy Brister continues to respond to Steve Lemke on the TULIP.

I am not saying this is the reason not to vote for Obama (allowing the slaughter of babies would be my number one reason) but this is troubling:

(HT: Erik)

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