Friday, October 17, 2008

Today in Blogworld 10/17

Russell Moore reminds us that Jesus Didn't Die for a Campus Ministry. (HT: Trevin Wax)

Ligonier Ministries highlights some of RC Sproul's great children's books.

Michael Spencer has some funny suggestions for the newest study bible. (HT: Abraham Piper)

This Timmy Brister responds to Steve Lemke thing is getting pretty interesting.

Nathan Finn provides Abraham Booth's advice for pastoral ministry.

Great stuff from CJ Mahaney interviewing Piper: Pornography, the Hearth, and Sermon Prep.

Michael McKinley offers suggestions on Developing a God-Centered Church when Most Attendees are New Believers

Newsweek features a sad but true article: The Pornification of a Generation

I had no clue that McCain (0r at least his writers) had such a great sense of humor. This is 9 minutes long but it's pretty funny. It's good to see Senator Marx Obama having such a good laugh too. (HT: DJP)

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  1. So, the Newsweek article is very disturbing and extremely saddening to me. I've had the opportunity to do some observation hours in a high school this month, and my heart has been broken over the lack of modesty constantly apparent in many young women's clothing in high school. By and large, sexuality is still a large part of the high school experience - probably moreso now than when I was in high school (a whopping 5 years ago), but it became extremely disturbing the day I realized, "Oh crap! My daughter is going to be entering this stuff in about fifteen years!" (She's just over 1 now.) I'm not sure what to do about it just yet; I'm almost sure legislation isn't the way to help, though. I am sure that the Gospel to the culture is the way, but unsure as to how that might look.
    Thanks for the blogworld summary, Mr. Leake.



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