Monday, October 13, 2008

Did I Do the Right Thing?

Last night my wife went out to eat with her mother and a two of our youth group girls (I stayed home). My wife ordered a pizza with some red pepper stuff on it. The red peppers were too hot, much hotter than these type of red pepper normally are. She asked if she could replace it with toasted ravioli. There was a mix up between the waitress and my wife. Nikki thought that they would take the pizza off the bill. She got the bill and it was for both items. She asked if there could be anything done. Knowing my wife she asked very kindly and gently. The waitress gets the owner. The owner is extremely rude to my wife. She refused to do anything with the bill and was horrendous in her treatment of my wife; even going so far as sighing heavily and rolling her eyes at my wife.

Nikki came home quite upset. She told me the story and I responded. I called the restaurant to speak to the owner. The owner was actually the one that answered. I briefly explained what had happend (just to refresh her memory). She proceeded to imply that my wife was stupid for not knowing that red pepper are hot. I never yelled or do I think I was overly angry. However, I was very firm. The owner was still being very rude and abrasive towards my wife. (If you know my wife, then you know how out of place this is since my wife is one of the kindest most gentle women). I demanded, again I stress very firmly, that she apologize to my wife. And she actually did. It was a pretty stinky apology--she ended up shifting some of the blame to the waitress. Nonetheless, my wife said very lovingly that she forgave her. End of story.

Here is my question--and I probably left out some details that might help, so ask questions--did I do the right thing? Should I have called the owner and firmly demanded an apology? What would you have done? Be biblical.

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  1. Wow, I don't think I can respond to this via a short comment. Overall, I think you nourished and cherished your wife through your decision (Eph. 5:28-9); good job. To really answer this, though, we'll actually have to hang out sometime soon. We should do that, as God allows.



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