Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Today in Blogworld 10/07

Part 2 of Pulpit's "Why Elder Rule" is now available.

I am absolutely astonished by the claims of Steve Lemke in his "What is a Baptist" article. (A good summary of those claims can be found here.) Both Timmy Brister and James Galyon interact on the issue of Total Depravity and Age of Accountability.

The Pyro blog is idle for a month. While they are dark for the month of October their archives are not. Dan Phillips suggest his Top 18 posts.

John Samson asks, Should we use Altar Calls in our Evangelism?

I really hope this is a joke...it's either hilarius or really sad depending on its validity. Michael Patton displays pictures of church-sign war between Catholics and Presbyterians.

A great deal from Desiring God giving away cases of Seeing and Savoring Jesus Christ for $1 each.

Since I took about a year off--I have some decent "older" articles to link to. I will feature a couple of these each day. I may have already linked to this one but New Attitude has a wonderful article on The Gospel and Ministry.

My wife and I went to see the movie Fireproof last night. It was phenomenal. The acting (except Kirk Cameron) was decent at best but the movie was wonderful. Here is a clip:

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