Thursday, October 9, 2008

Today in Blogworld 10/09/08

Chapter 2 of Driscoll's Porn-Again Christian book is online. Funny story about this one. When substitute teaching yesterday I tried linking to this but the school blocked it. Apparently the word "porn" in the URL doesn't fair well against the school's internet filter.

I'm really interested to find out the answer to this little riddle by Brian Thornton: My tee shot on hole number eleven of Little Ocmulgee Golf Course was an interesting one, to say the least. When I proceeded to hit the ball using my driver, the club made contact and the ball left the tee, but never came back down to land on the earth.

Good to see Dr. Mohler back to writing frequently. I share two posts from him today: The False Apology Syndrome and Spare the Rod?

We talked about this last night but John Piper obviously explains it better: The Godward Focus of Faithfulness.

A couple of months ago Dan Phillips wrote a really good 3 part piece on Transparency. Read part 1, 2, and 3.

Uh oh, I think the monkey's are starting to catch up to us (Also, is anything funnier than a Japanese person with a British accent):

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