Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Today in Blogworld 10/14

I sure did not think that I would be reporting this today. The Browns marched all over the defending champion Giants! Go Brownies.

Why Not Destroy the Devil Now? John Piper answers.

JT is calling his blog readers to fast for the sake of the defenseless

The blogworld seems to be pretty dead today--I guess everybody is reading their ESV Study Bible. (I'm doing sermon prep without a new Study Bible). Ray Ortlund Jr. Steve Camp. Tim Challies. Tony Reinke. And I'm sure there are many reading their ESV's today that are not blogging on it.

Admirers of Jonathan Edwards will appreciate this; in correspondence with the launch of the JE 2.0 website high-res images of Edwards manuscripts have been released. (HT: Tony)

My wife absolutely loves this skit. I also find it quite hilarious:

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