Friday, October 10, 2008

Do You Like My Book Reviews?

I really enjoy reading. I also enjoy recommending books to people. It is a passion of mine to get good Christian literature in the hands of people. So, it is fitting that I also like writing book reviews. I have been writing them here and putting them on Amazon for a little while now. I have to admit one of my selfish motivations too--I would really like to be a book reviewer. (Especially for the free books). So, you can help. Right now my reviewer rank is 936384. I have written 17 book reviews and most of the people that share the same ranking have written around 2 or 3 reviews. It would be a great encouragment for me if you would go here and vote on whether my reviews are helpful or not helpful. I think part of my low rating is due to the fact that I typically review Christian books and also older books. Also, I think sometimes my reviews are long (because sometimes I cut and paste from the ones posted here. And I'm not ruling out the last possibility--I suck at writing reviews.

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