Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Today in Blogworld 7.24.12

Does God Love Us By Sending Pain?

Tony Reinke interacts with a Slate article on spanking.  In this he not only reflects on the issue of spanking but also our view of the Lord’s discipline.  Excellent points. 

An Interview with John Piper

Tim Challies, with help from some of his readers, has interviewed John Piper.  As always Challies asks some great questions and Piper gives some great answers. 

Gay is Not the New Black

Voddie Baucham has never shied away from controversy.  His bold stance here is one example of his faithfulness in spite of opposition.  Voddie argues that the gay marriage issue is not and should not be compared to the civil rights movement. 

J.I. Packer’s Advice to Aspiring Writers

When J.I. Packer speaks—especially about writing—you listen.  Here is a 9 minute video clip that is immensely helpful.  If you don’t have time to read it then the folks at DG have summed it up nicely. 

This is an issue I have been wondering about for awhile.  Interesting discussion here on spontaneous baptisms:

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