Tuesday, July 24, 2012

Why Thorn Removal Is Not the Goal (Part 1)

Take a couple of minutes and watch this guys story:

What if this man spent his entire life trying to grow arms and legs?  He sacrificed marriage.  He forfeited kids.  He never had a job.  Never had an ambition to influence others.  His whole life was swallowed up with this single lone pursuit—have arms and legs.  He will not experience joy until he experiences healing.  He’s not moving on until he is “normal” and has arms and legs.  He is passionate, determined, and unrelenting in his pursuit of this goal. 

What if on his 80th birthday the miraculous happens: he wakes up with two arms and two legs.  He is healed.  His passionate determination pays off.  Then, two days later he dies. 

What of his life?

Thus begins a series in which I make the argument that many believers spend more time trying to remove thorns than we do living in sufficient grace…

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