Wednesday, March 27, 2013

Today in Blogworld 03.27.13

Better to Give Than to Receive

I enjoyed this piece by Challies. I had to chuckle at this statement: “For a long time I was stingy in linking to other sites, thinking that in some strange way affirming another person’s success or contribution was lowering my own, as if a vote for them was a vote against me.” I used to be the exact same way.

Three views on elder’s “faithful” children

Scripture says, “[An elder must be] someone who is blameless, the husband of one wife, having faithful children not accused of wildness or rebellion”. There are three different ways that we apply that verse.

Russell Moore Elected Next ERLC President

I am sad to see Dr. Mohler leave but ecstatic to see him fill this position. To think that Dr. Moore will now be speaking for Southern Baptists on ethical issues gets me excited.

Why the Arguments for Gay Marriage Are Persuasive

Kevin DeYoung tells us why gay marriage fits with our cultural moods and assumptions.

My apologies if you start singing along with the real NWA Song:

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