Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Today in Blogworld 03.05.13

The Problem with Arrogant Pastors & 5 Ways Not to Be One

Ed Stetzer and Jonathan Howe have listed five warning signs that you are headed down the road of arrogance.

Embracing Weakness Will Change Your Life

“When we embrace weakness, it means we’ve looked at ourselves long enough to know we can’t make it without looking to Another.”

Wormtongue at the Listless Wheel

With a little help from Lord of the Rings, Jared Wilson makes a salient point that “we can learn nothing from the heterodox about navigating ‘the future of evangelicalism’ except how to shut the engines off and drift”.

Are Rewards in Heaven Based on Our Effort or God’s Grace?

Michael Patton answers. Sort of…

Pure awesomeness:

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