Tuesday, March 26, 2013

Today in Blogworld 03.26.13

8 Practical Ways to Celebrate Easter

Chuck Lawless gives eight practical ways to celebrate the resurrection of Christ.

On Creating a Disciple-Making Culture

It seems like everything Tim Brister puts together lately is immensely helpful to the church. This post also does not disappoint. These are 6 means that pastors/leaders should implement to help create a disciple-making culture in our churches.

10 Traits to Identify Potential Leaders

This is helpful for me at present. Ron Edmonson gives us 10 traits to look for in potential leaders.

The Old Man and His Big Book

David Mathis and Tony Reinke tell the story Robert Duncan Culver. Pieces like this warm my heart. I love hearing of men in their 90’s who still are enamored with Jesus and still plodding away for the sake of the Kingdom.

Micah Fries shared this new song from Aaron Keyes. I love it.

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