Saturday, August 10, 2013

Pray For Your Wife: 31 Day Challenge—Day Ten

Day Ten: That she would not be anxious or fearful

Anxiety in a man's heart weighs him down, but a good word makes him glad. –Proverbs 12:25

Our wives can be weighed down by anxiety and fear. In a fallen world there are many things to fear and become anxious about. And in the long run many of the things that we fear are a reality. We will die. Those that we love will get sick. If our wives want to be consumed by fear and worry they have plenty of fuel for the flames of anxiety. Yet in the midst of a fallen world God calls us to cast all our anxieties and fear upon Him. Let’s pray that our wives would trust in the Lord and not be overwhelmed with fear and anxiety.

Father, I know that there are many things that can cause my wife to be fearful or anxious. I know that we live in a fallen world. But I also know that we live in a world where evil, death, and all things in opposition to you, have been dealt a decisive death blow by our Lord Jesus. You are making all things new. Help my wife to trust in your redemption and not the temporary truths that fear and anxiety tell her. Rescue her from fear and anxiety. Amen.


  1. Done and also had done yesterday's just didn't have the time to post.

  2. Holy Spirit, I lift up my wife, Lois, to you. Give her strength and boldness of character, not of her own accord, but out of faith in Christ. Like all of us, she may be fearful of many things in this world. But Christ has conquered all and our guarantee for eternal life is secure regardless of anything else. You have led her through many dangers and will no doubt lead her through many more. Be with her in the name of him who courage never failed, Jesus Christ our Lord.



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