Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Today in Blogworld 08.13.13

The Book Glutton

“Quantity does not equal quality.” It was hard for me to throw away my first book. But I haven’t missed them at all. Tim is right, we do ourselves no good by hoarding books.

Candid Pastoral Thoughts on Depression and Drugs

My view is very similar.

Defacing baseball cards

This gives me hope. I collected baseball cards in a generation when they mass produced them. Thus they are worth little to nothing. Hopefully this encourages people to deface their cards so mine become rare again. So…this looks fun, give it a try. Everybody. And take your neighbors cards and do the same thing. Just don’t touch mine!

Hope for Difficult Churches

I appreciate the work of Darryl Dash here.

These are great tips to help you quit smoking (and hilarious):

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