Wednesday, August 14, 2013

Pray For Your Wife: 31 Day Challenge—Day Fourteen

Day Fourteen: That she would not be embarrassed of her femininity

So God created man in his own image, in the image of God he created him; male and female he created them. –Genesis 1:27

Elisabeth Eliot wrote this 15 years ago, it is even more true today:

I find myself in the sometimes quite uncomfortable position of having to belabor the obvious, and hold up examples of femininity to women who almost feel apologetic for being feminine or being womanly. I would remind you that femininity is not a curse. It is not even a triviality. It is a gift, a divine gift, to be accepted with both hands, and to thank God for. Because remember, it was His idea… .

The world would have our wives believe their femininity is something to apologize for. It is not. Let us praise God for giving us the gift of femininity in our homes. Also let us pray that they might not be embarrassed by her femininity but “accept it with both hands” and glorify God through the gift of being female.

Lord, thank you for my wife’s femininity. Thank you for her tenderness and sensitivity. I’m glad that she is a woman—and I’m thankful for all that this means. I pray Lord that she delights in this sacred calling of bearing your image as a female. Help her to rejoice in this gift and not be embarrassed by her femininity. I must confess as a man I’m not even sure how to pray for her in this area. I simply pray that you help her be the woman that you call her to be. She is more precious than rubies—thank you for her feminine appeal. May she reflect your glory.


  1. Done with today and also done with the past few days. Wasn't able to post.

  2. Father, I thank you that my wife is indeed my wife. You made us male and female and you have provided a woman to be my wife. I thank you that my wife isn't deluded by popular culture's idea of what a woman is supposed to be, but that she knows what you have called her to be in creating her as a woman. I pray that you bolster her faithfulness to the role you have made for her and her joy in fulfilling it. Especially, continually guide her in being feminine such that her strength of character does not lead her into masculine traits, but that she will bear your image well according to the feminine form you have given her.



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