Sunday, August 18, 2013

Pray For Your Wife: 31 Day Challenge—Day Eighteen

Day Eighteen: That she would be hospitable

Show hospitality to one another without grumbling. -1 Peter 4:9

Our wives hospitality is a great reflection of her grasp of the gospel. Hospitality is a reminder of our alien status. A wife that does not practice hospitality is likely a wife that is comfortably living the American dream. She has started thinking that she is at home and therefore has lost her sojourner impulse. Let us pray today that our wife would have a missional heartbeat. And part of this missional heartbeat would be a drive to open up her home so that the gospel might flourish.

Lord, thank you for my wife’s hospitable heart. Increase it. Help her to consistently have a sojourner impulse and not lay her roots too deeply in this world. Give my wife a missional heartbeat that constantly thinks of ways to fulfill the Great Commission. May her heart be ultimately others-focused for the sake of your glory. Thank you for making your home among us. Might we live the life of Immanuel. Amen.


  1. Lord, I think you that my wife has a heart for taking the gospel out to people. I pray that you also open her heart to opening our home for that purpose. It's not an area where you have naturally gifted her much, but I pray that you warm her to it. Use me and teach me to do that same so that she is encouraged.



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