Tuesday, February 12, 2008

Borrowed Light: Today in Blogworld 02/12

Ever heard of Rob Bell? What about NOOMA? Greg Gilbert reviews Bell's NOOMA videos. On the heels of Gilbert's review C.J. Mahaney gives us sound advice (based on Gilbert's excellent job) on reviewing things as well as protecting the gospel with humility. Man, I love C.J. Mahaney; but more than that I love his Jesus. You really need to read anything written by C.J., including his recent appeal.

Brian Thornton is continuing his discussion on the calling of God. Today he clearly and concisely shows that only the elect receive three callings of God. Disagree? Agree? Check it out.

Stephen Altrogge gives 7 Questions to Ask Your Friends. One of my favorite questions, of the 7, is this one: "Have you diligently pursued your wife/husband this week?"

John MacArthur attempts to teach us on the "unfathomable and yet unmistakable doctrine" of the Trinity, read it here.

Trevin Wax has a really good consideration on Evangelicalism's Blast from the Past.

Randy Alcorn considers the Longing for God and Joy of Augustine.

You've got to check this out (HT: Micah)

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  1. Hey Mike,

    Thanks for linking to our blog! I'm glad you found the questions helpful.



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