Thursday, February 21, 2008

Mystery of Providence Chapter 8

Chapter 8 begins the second section of Flavel's work. The first section concerned itself with giving evidences of the many workings of Providence. This section will encourage us in our duty of responding to this mighty Providence; chapter 8 explains this duty. Flavel will give 7 reasons that it is a duty to meditate upon the Providence of God:
  1. Because God has expressely commanded it
  2. Because the neglect of it is everywhere in Scripture condemned as sin
  3. Because the Holy Spirit often, through Scripture, told us to "Behold"
  4. Because without due attention to such things no praise can be rendered to God for them
  5. Because without meditating on Providence we lose the benefits that were intended for us and others
  6. Because it is a vile slighting of God not to do so
  7. Because our prayers will not be suitable to our condition unless we notice the workings of Providence

This chapter is a quick introductory chapter. Flavel sufficiently shows us that it is our duty to meditate upon the Providence of God.


There is not much to discuss in this chapter. I will only sum it up by asking one question. What are specific ways we can obey and disobey this duty?

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  1. I think at the end of the day we would be wise to reflect on the day and think of answered prayer, whether ours or a brother/sister, the church. When we pray it would do us good to pray according to God's infinite wisdom and sovereignty over all. Be thankful, even in trials. Will we not accept the bad as well as the good?

    I love this book. It makes me draw near to God as I read it. It has moved me to tears as I reflect on how by Providence He has worked in my life and in history. Praise be His name!



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