Friday, February 22, 2008

Borrowed Light: Today in Blogworld 02/22

Somehow C.J. Mahaney takes contemporary stories, points out faults, and convicts me because my sin is just like theirs. The gospel has certainly taken root in C.J.'s heart. His most recent post on Andy Pettitte's hollow confession is phenomenal. Just when it seems that Mahaney is railing on Pettitte he brings me into God's courtroom and then sits me at the foot of the Cross for humbling and grace. Wow.

Jared Wilson leads a wonderful discussion on downplaying application in preaching. It is certainly something to consider. I think application is one of the areas that I too downplay.

Tom Ascol provides a commentary on the buzz around the Calvinistic Resurgence.

Part 4 of No Longer Under the Law has been written by Nathan Busenitz.

Rick Love again responds to Piper on the issue of the Common Word Among Muslims. Rick has some good points, but I am still not certain that I agree.

Timmy Brister is also live-blogging the True Church Conference. This years theme is Church Discipline. Catch up here.


  1. Mike,

    I also read CJ's probing blog. This not only hit home with me and my sin, but also is a wonderful example of how a preacher/teacher makes makes the application from God's Word to our day. To bring the commands of Scripture into our lives, our ministries, and our preaching/teaching.

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