Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Today in Blogworld 2/4-6

In case you have not heard Union University was hit hard by the recent tornadoes. Said at Southern has links to many articles, here. Be praying for the people at Union.

John MacArthur asks a very important question; What Doctrines are Essential, today we are introduced to Part 1.

An very interesting discussion is taking place on the 9Marks blog. Mike McKinley began the discussion by defending long, boring sermons. Then Thabiti joined the discussion by helping us see that Edwards agrees as does Calvin (who also serves to balance such a statement).

Challies attemps to answer this question: “If a person is ‘a child of wrath’ from birth due to Adam’s sin and unable to choose God because of Adam’s sin, how is he responsible for his actions if he was born this way (and has no ability of his own to choose God)? … If Christ didn’t die for all men, yet all men were condemned for one sin (and by that sin, thereafter, unable to choose good), how is it just of God to condemn all men if they are ‘determined’ to be sinful by the action of Adam?”

Pulpit Magazine addresses a question that Nikki and I are now asking; Home, Private, or Public School? (Actually, financially speaking, private is probably not an option).

Trevin Wax gives 5 Reasons why the Emerging Church is Now Receding.

Les Puryear interviews Dr. Mohler on the SBC presidency. (HT: Micah)

John Piper's daughter Talitha interviews Alex and Brett Harris.

C.J. Mahaney interviews Mark Dever. (HT: JT)

Last week Jonathan Leeman continued blogging through REVEAL: Part 10 and Concluding Thoughts.

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