Wednesday, February 6, 2008

Desiring God's Pastor's Conference Post 1

I will not give you summaries, DG has effectively shared those. I merely want to share a few observations and blessings (in no particular order) from this conference, thus far.
  1. D.A. Carson is far more Canadian than I ever knew. It took me about 10 minutes to figure out what a den-a-stee (dynasty) was.
  2. There is a reason for the phenomenal young Harris men. Josh, Joel, Alex, Brett, Isaac, and their 7 year old brother (can't remember his name) have a phenomenal God-centered, intentional, father named Greg Harris.
  3. Crawford Loritts, I believe, is missing a knife. At some point during his preaching, one flew forth and cut my heart. (I find, though, that it is not Crawford's knife, but it comes from the knife set that each of us are given in the powerful Word). Make certain to listen to his sermon. If you are a man listen to this. If you know a man listen to this.
  4. David Michael (I had lunch with him) is a wonderful humble man of God. Generations of passionate worshippers will owe much of their theological training to God using David and Sally Michael.
  5. John Piper will stay later than anyone else to pray for brothers in Christ. This man models the message! Thank God for the John Piper's of the world.
  6. I actually can turn down books. The Pastor's Conference bookstore is phenomenal. I figured if I got out with under 50 bucks I'd be succesful. So far I've only gotten two books. If I can only resist the temptress tomorrow.
  7. Steve Burlew of Banner of Truth is a really nice guy.
  8. The worship here is vibrant. You actually can combine contemporary and traditional, and have nobody notice, because the focus is so unbelievably God-centered that you can't tell which is which.
  9. God is really big and beautiful and grand and glorious and I am a very shallow small hypocritacal God-belittiling sinner; and yet because God is such a great beautiful-glorious-majestic-merciful-compassionate-amazing God I am His Son because of the Cross. Wow! I can't help but pray that the Lord might cause me to camp out under the Cross (obviously not to depreciate any other aspect of the Gospel)!
  10. I am ever excited about being a father; and yet trembling at this awesome task. To think that I will reflect Almighty God to my son. Therefore, I have also learned anew
  11. I really really really really really (ad infinitum) need God's mercy.

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