Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Borrowed Light: Today in Blogworld 02/26

Ingrown toenails are painful to endure. Apparently so are Ingrown Churches. Joe Thorn gives 7 signs that your church is ingrown. (HT: Steve McCoy)

Ouch! Trevin Wax delivers a convicting post on ear-tickling preaching. Here is a sample: "We crave a message that puffs us up. And ironically, the very message that is supposed to cut us low, the message of the cross can be delivered in such a way that people walk out of the congregation having patted themselves on the back."

Michael Patton gives us some Random Thoughts of Emergence.

The Reformed Mafia continues its series on Trouble with Frank Page. See Part 3, here.

Os Guinness has a wonderful quote, that resonates well with me, concerning the victim mentality of the Religious Right. (HT: JT)

Steve Camp provides an excerpt of Questions Given to Young Ministers by Isaac Watts.

I am praying that our church catchs the vision laid out by John Piper, here. Our entire church family should be worshipping together and not age-segregated.

Even though Nathan Busenitz has presented the case that Christians are not under the Law, he begins his new series on Appealing to the Law. See Part 1 and 2.


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