Friday, February 8, 2008

Today in Blogworld 2/8

C.J. Mahaney has a wonderful article on preaching in view of the Cross. Here is one helpful quote within the article: "We must never assume the gospel. We must always assume that those we serve need to hear the gospel yet again. Any sermon we preach is incomplete and insufficient until we explicitly reference Christ and him crucified."

Dr. Mohler lists the Top 10 books every preacher needs to read in 2008. (Looks like I need to update my list again).

Frank Turk has entered the discussion on total abstinence from alcohol. See his thoughtful comments here.

Greg Gilbert gives a tongue-in-cheek suggestion that all churches fast from all forms of instrumental music. He has some wonderful thoughts in this article. Here is an excerpt: "I am really afraid that we’ve managed to create a generation of anemic Christians who are spiritually dependent on excellent music. Their sense of spiritual well-being is based on feeling “close to God,” their feeling close to God is based on their “ability to worship,” and being able to worship depends on big crowds singing great music.

Brian, at Voice of the Sheep, has interesting question; "Are Any Called Who Do Not Come?"

Purgatorio has posted a very thought provoking picture. It is of Jesus washing Bin Laden's feet. It asks, Is this a biblical picture.

MacArthur's What Doctrines Are Essential series concludes with part 2 and 3.

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