Monday, February 11, 2008

The Remarkable Story of Mrs. Honeywood

In Flavel's The Mystery of Providence he tells the story of Mrs. Honeywood. Flavel tells it as if she immediately snapped out of her state of depression. Thomas Fuller in his Worthies of England has a little different take, that can be read here. She was, according to Fuller, brought out of her state of depression at a later date. During the tryannical reign of Queen Mary, Mrs. Honeywood labored to visit the Christian prisoners and bring them comfort in their affliction. But it was not only prisoners that she helped. It appears that her story was also used by God to shed a hint of comfort to one William Cowper:

Cowpwer relieved
Mrs. Honeywood
The Works of William Cowper By William Cowper, Homer, Giovanni Battista Andreini

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