Tuesday, March 4, 2008

How To Be an Anchor in Shifty Waters

How may we attain an evenness and steadiness of spirit under the changes and contrary aspects of Providence upon us?

Simon's nickname was Peter. He was supposed to be the rock. And I suspect that every believer is to be rock-like. We should not be shifting amidst the various situations we find ourselves in. There is a reason that people ought to ask us about the hope that we have. We should be anchors when everything else at sea is blown by the wind and waves. But how can the Christian attain this? How can he do it in comfort? How about in sorrow? What about when he himself is doubting? This is what Flavel will now consider.

How to maintain in comfort:

  • Urge humbling and awakening considerations upon our own hearts
  • Realize that your blessing is no sign of God's special distinguishing love
  • Think how unstable and changeable these comforts are
  • Notice that they will reveal the carnality and corruption in your heart

How to maintain in calamity:

  • Note that these "strokes" are often of great use to the people of God
  • Nothing can separate you from Christ; not even this calamity
  • Remember, it will end shortly

How to maintain in doubt:

  • Consider the vanity and uselessness of your anxiety
  • The disposal and management of our affairs is wholly in the hand of the Father
  • God is faithful to every syllable of His Word, including your sanctification
  • Commit your way unto the Lord

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