Thursday, March 6, 2008

The Mystery of Providence Chapter 13

This final chapter in Flavel's work is more of an epilogue to an impressive work, than a chapter that stands on its own. It is simply Flavel's plea for us to keep a record of our experiences of providence. You can not help but sympathize with Flavel's sentiment, when he says, "For [lack] of collecting and communicating such observations, not only ourselves, but the Church of God is greatly impoverished."

What a gold mine it would be to have stacks upon stacks of letters and diaries of many saints of old. The church has been greatly blessed by the letters of such men as Samuel Rutherford and John Newton. I cannot help but wonder the storehouse of information, experiences, and graces are robbed from the Church because of our lack of journal keeping.

What is Chapter 13 about? Simply this, do not trust your slippery memory, write down the workings of Providence, and don't be so foolish as to think that your present trial is greater than the ones in the past.

I'm going to go keep a journal now...

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