Tuesday, March 4, 2008

What to Do While You Wait

How may a Christian be supported in waiting upon God, while Providence delays the performance of the mercies to him for which he has long prayed and waited?

One of the most difficult things in the Christian life is waiting upon God. John Flavel is strong in his doctrine. He knows that "God appoints the time; when that appointed time is come the expected mercies will not fail". But he also knows heartache. He also knows it is difficult to wait. Therefore, he gives the believer a few directives for these periods of waiting.

Consider these things:
  • "Our sinkings of heart are the immediate effects of unbelief" (p.192)
  • "Though Providence does not yet perform the mercies you wait for, yet you have no ground to entertain hard thoughts of God, for it is possible God never gave you any ground for your expectation of these things from Him." (p.193)
  • The season in which God gives His up to Him, not you.
  • Spiritual mercies are also "dispensed to us in such measures and at such seasons as the Lord sees fit, and many of His own people live for a long time without them." (p.195)
  • "Enjoyment of your deisres is the thing that will please you, but resignation of your wills is that which is pleasing to God." (p.195)
  • "Are not those mercies you expect from God worth waitin gfor? If not, it is your folly to be troubled for the lack of them". (p.196)
  • "You have made God wait long for your reformation and obedience; and therefore you have no reason to think it much if God makes you wait long for your consolation." (p.197)

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