Sunday, March 23, 2008

Tournament News, Blog Tourney, and Other Updates

It has been a difficult, exhausting, yet, inspiring Easter weekend. All good Christian bloggers should post over the Easter holiday. I didn't. My wife and I were in St. Louis at the hospital with her dying grandmother. We aren't certain that she knows Jesus. Please pray for her soul and for her body. The Lord has been patient for 80-something years. He would be just to take her at anytime. However, we pray for his mercy.

In the category of incomparably stinky news, my tournament bracket is shot. Someone must have slipped me some crack or something in my Mountain Dew. I picked way too many upsets. What idiot picks Boise St. over Louisville? Me! Dumb. Seriously, what was I thinking?

In other "tournament" news I was very stoked to find out that I made the Blog Madness at SBC Voices. I am seeded 11th in the South Division. The top 4 in each division advance. It would be a major upset for Borrowed Light to make it into the second round. With your votes we could do so. If you want to vote for us go here and vote. No way we advance beyond the second round. But even being in the sweet 16 would be a huge honor.

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