Friday, June 22, 2012

Today in Blogworld 6.22.12

3 Lies We Tell Ourselves About Marriage

Aaron Armstrong has posted three really good articles on the lies we tell ourselves about marriage.  1) Marriage is about my happiness 2) Marriage is supposed to be easy 3) My spouse is the problem.

Al Mohler Reflects on 2012 SBC Annual Meeting

Dr. Mohler reflects on the historic events of the 2012 SBC Annual Meeting in New Orleans.  Including the election of Fred Luter, the “name change” that isn’t really a name change, and the theological discussions. 

20 Ideas for Dating Your Wife

Justin Buzzard has published a new book called Date Your Wife.  (I will be receiving and reviewing this book next month).  As a preview for the book here are 20 ideas for dating your wife. 

5 Reasons I Avoid Writing Negative & Controversial Blogposts

Thom Rainer shares five reasons why he does not engage in negative and controversial blog wars.  I agree with Rainer, but I think if done well and carefully occasionally controversy and “negative” blogging may need to be done—but very rarely. 

Watch history being made:

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