Monday, June 25, 2012

Today in Blogworld 6.25.12

Most of these are from a few days ago that I was not able to put into the other lists of links.  These are quality articles that deserve to be read:

How to Hack Your Introversion and Warmly Visit Someone in the Hospital (Even If You’ve Never Met)

Eric McKiddie gives helpful advice to those, like myself, that are more introverted and yet called to visit those in the hospital. I appreciate most that he says that you do not have to be an extrovert to be a shepherd.  And I also heed his warning that “if you let your introversion control you, you will fail as a pastor”.  Great words. 

Don’t Just Wait Until They’re Teenagers

Jen Wilkin considers the way that parents speak to their young children.  She notes that uncivil exchanges come from uncivil homes.  She notes that, “Many of us have wrongly defined our homes as places where parents should be respected instead of places where everyone should be respected. Children do not hold equal authority in the home, but they do hold equal personhood and dignity.”  Great word, and excellent questions to ponder as a daddy. 

The Minimalist Pastoral Library: 19 Book Recommendations for Those Just Starting Out

Eric McKiddie has compiled a list of 19 books that a new pastor ought to consider when beginning his ministry and beginning his pastoral library.  If I compiled a list it would probably be very similar to Eric’s.

Helpless Sacks of Sand

What is the purpose of sleep?  How is sleep a reminder that God is God and we are not?  Tim Challies considers these questions and concludes that at times we’re all just helpless sacks of sand.  Good word, and I pray that Tim starts getting more sleep.   

Great video.  I am excited that our church will be going through The Gospel Project in all of our Sunday school classes:


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