Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Today in Blogworld 6.20.12

Southern Baptists Elect First Black President

Yesterday history was made at the SBC Annual Meeting.  In 1845 Baptists in the south split from Baptists of the north over issues of slavery.  167 years later Fred Luter, an African American pastor, was elected to be the President of the SBC.  As Dr. Russell Moore tweeted: “Jim Crow is dead, Jesus Christ is alive.”   Joe Carter has an excellent rundown that is worthy of your read.

Calvinism in the SBC

Ed Stetzer, from LifeWay, has provided us with some updated statistics on the resurgence of Calvinism within the SBC.  Interesting statistics.  Should get interesting in the days ahead, may the peace of Christ rule. 

Don’t Waste Your Exclamation Points

Great word here from Jared Wilson.  Basically Jared’s point is that if we shout at everything nothing we’ll lose our voice.  He urges us to save our exclamation points for that which really matters. 

That Awkward Moment When We Speak the Gospel

Evangelism can be awkward.  I’ve said for awhile that it’s awkward transitioning from talking about football to talking about Jesus.  No matter even if you deeply believe that God is sovereign over every square inch of the world, it is still awkward in that moment when we begin to speak the gospel.  Why did God make it so awkward?  One reason, “God gives most of us this awareness of awkwardness so that we would never, not for a second, trust in or magnify ourselves and drift away from the magnificence of the gospel.” 

Looking forward to this.  Great video plugging The Gospel Project:

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