Friday, June 29, 2012

Today in Blogworld 6.29.12

20 Quotes from Killing Calvinism

I am really glad to see Greg Dutcher’s book Killing Calvinism getting so much play.  As you can tell from my review I love the book and highly recommend it.  Tony Reinke apparently loves the book as well and has compiled 20 very helpful quotes from the book.  (I’d also encourage you to check out the TweetNotes that I compiled for the book and also to stick around for my forthcoming interview with Greg). 

10 Reasons to Underprogram Your Church

This one is from Jared Wilson’s archives but it’s tweaked a little and worthy of re-reading if you have already had the opportunity to consider these.  I’m with Jared on this one.  Though I think some might leave church to go to those that have more programs I believe it is often to their peril to do so. 

12 Propositions on Sanctification

Tim Challies has compiled twelve propositions concerning sanctification using J.C. Ryle’s classic work Holiness.  If you have never read Holiness it’s a tremendous book that you can purchase here for only .99 on your Kindle

Husbands: Don’t Treat your Wife Like a Guy

Good word here to husbands from Erik Raymond.  “One of the most common non-spiritual, basic, counseling I give to a husband is: don’t treat your wife like a guy. Believe it or not, men seem to forget this fact about as often as we leave our dirty socks on the floor. One of the chief areas this is seen is the area of romance. Many men think that they can woo their wives by treating like men.”  The whole thing is worthy of your time. 

Watch Steve Saint’s powerful testimony from his hospital bed:

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