Tuesday, June 19, 2012

TweetNotes for No Ordinary Marriage by Tim Savage

I had the opportunity to read and review No Ordinary Marriage by Tim Savage.  No Ordinary Marriage is no ordinary marriage book.  Savage writes with grace, candor, passion, and is saturated in the gospel and the Scriptures.  Here are the TweetNotes for the book

1: As hopeless romantics we carve fulfillment in our marriage, the only way 2 achieve this is to pursue God’s glory

2: In the midst of circumstances, differences, etc., the only tie that is big enough to bind marriages is the glory of God

3: We most mirror the self-giving God when we engage in self-emptying cruciform love for our spouse

4: The greatest undermining influence on marriage is self-centered sin.  Therefore, the only remedy is gospel-producing transformation

5: Wives display God’s glory through a proactive subordination.  Revolutionary wives gladly pursue their husbands best interests

6: Husbands initiate w/super-natural cruciform love #faithful #attentive #understanding #sympathetic

7: God’s plan for marriage is a fusion of 2 into 1 in such a way that the Trinitarian love & unity is displayed

8: Sexual union expresses the glory of God like little else can.  Therefore honor God w/your body

9: Marriages need the church.  Churches need your cruciform marriage

10: Fear, weaknesses, and even death are conquered by self-giving love #therewardisgreat

11: As single-hearted disciples, singles should relinquish their position w/wisdom and caution

12: Marriage is uncommon b/c of its opportunity to display God’s glory, only the cruciform lover can create & sustain cruciform marriages

You can purchase the book here.

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