Thursday, June 7, 2012

Today in Blogworld 6.7.12

Veggie Tales Creator Repents of Moralism

I have been saying for awhile now that while Veggie Tales is really funny, engaging, and teaches the Law really well it is actually a pretty good example of the moralistic therapeutic Deism that is plaguing the church in America.   Apparently I’m not alone.  The creator of Veggie Tales, Phil Vischer agrees.  (HT: Challies)

Please Stop Killing Me With Your Statistics

Stephen Altrogge reflects on the relative unhelpfulness of statistics.  Not only do they make us feel shame, and depersonalize people, they can actually mute the gospel. 

Are You Missional?  10 Diagnostic Questions

A couple weeks back I reflected on the difference between OT missions and NT missions.  I encouraged us to be missional in the NT sense of the word.  Here Trevin Wax provides 10 helpful diagnostic questions to help us. 

Do You Make These 5 Common Word Study Mistakes?

Preachers can be very guilty of leading their congregation on a wild-goose chase in the form of a meaningless word study.  Eric McKiddie provides 5 bad word study mistakes in the hopes that preachers will not only avoid them but replace them with the helpful. 

Fill Your Reader: In the Presence of My Enemies is FREE today.

When Timothy Lane puts together a video it’s usually wise to listen.  This is no exception:

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