Tuesday, January 29, 2008

Self-Disclosure Meme

I was shocked to see my name at the bottom of Timmy Brister's self-disclosure meme. What an honor! I am supposed to disclose 7 facts about myself that few people would know and then tag 7 other people to do the same. This actually is more difficult than I had imagined. So, even though this will probably serve no grand purpose here are my 7 things:

  1. I used to love books as a young child then in junior high I began to abhor books and the whole process of learning. I was not a very good student in high school, and had probably did not read an entire book until my senior year. I still suffer consequences from my lack of paying attention. (If anyone is ever annoyed by my inappropriate uses--or lack of--commas, this is why). Only by the grace of God using a professor named Dr. Barrett did my early passion for learning reignite.

  2. Along the same lines I had no clue what the word "meme" was until this little project. If you asked me what a meme was I probably would mispronounced it and said that it is a character on the Drew Carey Show. Which leads to my third thing...

  3. I am a pretty big fan of Drew Carey. His show really goes in the gutter and he is a somewhat vile man himself, but for some reason I like him. I used to watch a few episodes of the Drew Carey Show every day in high school. I guess I did not have much of a life because...

  4. My first girlfriend was in 8th grade, and that was not serious. I really never had a serious girlfriend until my junior year. I wish I had never had a girlfriend until my wife, but God's grace is sufficient.

  5. I used to dream of being a professional athlete. Which is kind of funny if you know that I am 5'8, 150 pounds. (Probably around 125-130 in high school and college). I practiced baseball for hours a day, throwing a baseball against a concrete slab while standing about 3 feet from it to help my reflexes. It did seem to work, I could have played college baseball for a couple of minor schools. However, the Lord saved me and had different plans for my life.

  6. When the Lord first began working in my life I was a huge fan of TBN, Jesse Duplantis, etc. I even remember thinking that I should as an act of faith not wear my contacts on my drive to school. That would have been really dumb because I cannot see the big E on the eye charts. I would have killed myself or someone else, probably. I was also a passionate Arminian and was not "converted" to the doctrines of grace until college when I tried writing a scholarly paper to refute it. So I used to be passionate about many things I now passionately oppose.

  7. At one point in my life I owned a cd of 2Pac , the Spice Girls, New Kids on the Block, Kris Kross, Ozzy Osbourne, DC Talk, BB King, The Bee Gees, and Vince Gill all at the same time. This may be 8 but along the same music lines; I once stole a piece of candy from Ten Shekel Shirt, a Christian band. So, if you ever read this...sorry!

So, there you go. 7 things about me that you probably did not know. There is probably much more. I have done many stupid things in my life. Now I have to think of 7 other people, some that probably do not know me but I read their blogs.

Garrett, Jimmy, Brian Thornton, Ray Ortlund, Jr., Tom Ascol, Tony Reinke, and has anyone tagged JT yet?

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