Friday, January 25, 2008

Borrowed Light: Today in Blogworld 01/25

This would perhaps be better titled Today and Yesterday in Blogworld. Business did not allow me to do as much posting yesterday.

Steve Camp has an excellent, though somewhat lengthy, article on holiness. I love how Steve introduces this: "They say when Leonardo Davinci painted his famous Last Supper he had little difficulty with any of it except the faces. Then he painted the faces in without too much trouble except one. He did not feel himself worthy to paint the face of Jesus. He held off and kept holding off, unwilling to approach it but knowing he must. Then in the impulsive carelessness of despair, he just painted it quickly and let it go. “There is no use,” he said. “I can’t paint Him.”I feel very much the same way about explaining the holiness of God. I think that same sense of despair is on my heart. There isn’t any use for anybody to try to explain holiness. The greatest speakers on this subject can play their oratorical harps, but it sounds tinny and unreal, and when they are through you’ve listened to music but you haven’t seen God."

Thabiti has a couple of good posts. One is on Jerry Bridges Four Ways to Live. The other discusses Carefulness in Treating Sin.

Jonathan Leeman continues blogging through REVEAL. Today we are treated to Part 7 and Part 8.

Scott Lee discusses the Task of a Faithful Shepherd and John MacArthur discusses the pastor's job as More Than Just a Preacher.

Here are a couple of good quotes one by MLJ the other by Thomas Brooks. Martyn Lloyd-Jones quote hits me pretty hard. "You can be so interested in great theological and intellectual and philosophical problems that you tend to forget that you are going to die." (HT: DG)Brooks tells us the mark of true humility. “Remember this—all the sighing, mourning, sobbing, and complaining in the world, does not so undeniably evidence a man to be humble, as his overlooking his own righteousness, and living really and purely upon the righteousness of Christ.” (HT: Of First Importance)

Jimmy, actually a guy I went to college with, has a great post on lessons from The Young Physician. No, not Jesus. He is referring to a Resident Doctor that had learning unconnected with real life. Jimmy uses this experience to give sound advice to us young ministers.

Terry Rayburn asks whether or not we have two natures. His answer is no. This keeps coming up I am sensing that the Lord is prodding me to study this in depth.

And lastly, Denny Burk absolutely disgusts me. OK, not actually him, he is pretty cool. What disgusts me is the truth of his latest article: Yale Students Celebrate Abortion Rights. Apparently they celebrated with comedy skits and mock abortions. Truly disgusting.

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