Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Borrowed Light: Today in Blogworld 01/23

Tony Kummer encourages nursery workers by highlighting seven reasons why nursery work is vital to your church's ministry.

Timmy Brister is blogspotting the Puritan Reading Challenge. There are several links here to people that have taken the challenge and are blogging through it. I was excited to see that Borrowed Light is on that list. Thanks for the link Timmy!

Yesterday I linked to Michael Spencer's 12 Calvinists 12 Churches question. Today (actually last night) Spencer gave his response.

Frank Turk has an excellent article on....I guess you could say the problem of evil. But it cuts much deeper. It deals with depravity. It deals with our response to "sinners". Here is a wonderful excerpt: "So to ask the question, "Why does God allow?" has to go back to the issue of "What is God allowing?" The glib answer to the question is, "God is allowing evil deeds," but in fact God is allowing us to prove that we are what He has said we are. God tells us we are sinners -- and has provided the perfect Law to prove it to us. And in that, the solution God has on-tap is wrath against sin." Read more...

Challies addresses discouragement with the Church and encourages us to keep our Hand to the Plow.

Finally, John Piper has responded to the article A Common Word Between Us and You. Piper expresses his disappointment with many (some of his friends) that signed the document. I too was shocked to see some of the names that signed this article. Piper, as always, does an excellent job of displaying Christ as the supreme treasure for the nations, and helps us see the deception and lack of help this article provides. The video below is about 9 minutes but it is wonderful:

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