Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Borrowed LIght: Today in Blogworld 01/15

Tim Challies continues his blog tour, and today he stops by Justin Taylor's Between Two Worlds. Here is JT's question for Challies: "Having now extensively studied the concept of biblical discernment, I wonder what implications you think this has for “discernment blogging”? In part, I’m thinking of “watchdog” blogs and bloggers that have “discernment” as their primary focus. Speaking generally, what are they doing right, and where do they need correction?" Great question! You can find the answer here.

The Puritan Reading Challenge is fun. Timmy Brister seems to be quite astonished by the "success" of his challenge. It's awesome seeing how many people are on board to read these books of hundreds of years ago. May God be honored through our reading of the Puritans. Today Timmy gives us a few links to others that are blogging on the Puritan Reading Challenge. (I was excited to see Borrowed Light on there). Brister also gives a few cool stats on the Reading Challenge. I can't believe it's only 2559 pages to read everything. Only reading 7 pages a day seems quite an easy task. Understanding all 7 pages might be a little more difficult.

John MacArthur has an excellent post on preaching out of season: From Athens to L.A. His solution? Tell them that God is, who God is, and what God says. Even though that sounds simple that is difficult and loaded. You are encouraged to check out the specifics of this article.

One of my favorite blogs is Pyromaniacs. Often times Dan Phillips will give us a quote or a simple sentence and ask a significant question attached to it. It's great for making us think. Today he asks about an excerpt from a card left on his doorstep. "Faith in Christ can help you resolve personal and family challenges". Dan's question is, "What can you surmise about the church that left this"? Good question, Dan. When you click on the link be certain to check out the comments. It is interesting that many are saying it's Mormon and others are crediting it to various Christian denominations or churches. What does that tell us about "our" gospel presentations if it can barely be distinguished from Mormonism?

Brian Thornton asks, What is the Gospel Good For?

Randy Alcorn has an excellent post on Longings of the Heart.

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  1. What does that tell us about "our" gospel presentations if it can barely be distinguished from Mormonism?

    Ding ding ding ding ding ding ding!



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