Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Borrowed Light: Today in Blogworld 01/16

Challies begins Day 8 on his blog tour, today he finds himself with the Pyromaniacs. Frank Turk leads the interview and ask Challies several questions. Mostly on Challies' sources. It's a great discussion.

Frank Turk is also busy answering whether or not God's love is unconditional. I love his answer: "God's forgiveness is not unconditional: it is conditioned wholly on the price Christ paid to secure a right payment for sin. What Christ did made God both just -- that is, a just judge, able to forgive without being a violator of justice -- and the justifier of men." Check out his argumentation here.

Jared Wilson, a teaching minister for college students at Element, has some great thoughts today about the difficulties of young adult ministry.

As soon as it was announced that Dr. Mohler would be a candidate for President of the SBC some detractors began questioning his theology, character, leadership, etc. Inevitably within the SBC one major discussion will be on Mohler's Calvinism. Can we have a Calvinistic leader in the SBC? (If you know Baptist history then you know how ludicrous that question is). Today Tony Kumner points us to one of Mohler's past answers to the Calvinism criticism.

Thabiti has an excellent article on Lone Ranger Christians. What is his answer to these lone rangers? Mutual belonging.

John MacArthur considers the primary purpose of the church. Is it Inward, Upward, or Outward? I am yet to determine if I agree with him. I prefer Piper's statement of saying that missions exist because worship doesn't. But I can certainly follow Mac's argumentation. I tend to think that God's primary purpose is to receive glory. MacArthur agrees with this but he believes that it is through the redemption of mankind that God is most glorified. Therefore he seems to be putting "outward" as the purpose of the church. Perhaps my problem is that it creates a false dichotomy. Upward without Outward is probably insincere. If we love God we will have a desire to see men come to him. Outward without Upward is no more than the social gospel. The statement of MacArthur that gives me the most trouble is this one: "And if God’s primary purpose for the saved were to give Him praise, He would, again, take believers immediately to heaven, where praise is perfect and unending." I certainly see the logic but is that Scriptural? What do you think?

Art Rogers on his blog 12 Witnesses has a very funny post about the Dangers of Bread. My wife wants me to buy her a bread maker, I'm having second thoughts now. (HT: Micah)

Also, be sure to check out the new (HT: JT)

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